There are times in my life that I take an inventory of all the assets, blessings, partners and joy makers in my life. From people to systems to pets to things – all the ingredients that enhance and strengthen my life. It is always an energizing yet humbling time as I review all these goodies in my life. From decades long friendships to new books there are so many things to be grateful for in life.

Additionally I take an inventory of those relationships, things, and systems that do not serve me any more. The saying, “Friends for a reason, Friends for a season, Friends for life,” makes sense here. There are reasons and seasons for certain friends, networking partners, businesses, etc. There are also a handful of friends for life. I no longer struggle over spending less energy on a relationship that is not symbiotic and fulfilling. I release them and the relationship so that I can make more room in my life for relationships that are symbiotic fulfilling.

Taking inventory requires that I get real about how things are working or are not working and then to do something about it. For me it is the decision that takes the work. Once I have decided I am pretty good at the follow up with action.

Do you take inventory? What do you do afterward?


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